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From Red Raider Friends to TWU Grads

When Calli reached out to me to take grad portraits for her and her TWU grad school besties, I was thrilled until she told me where we were to take them:  Texas Motor Speedway parking lot.  Yikes!!! I have to admit, I did take an internal gulp and thought to myself, “how am I going to make these look awesome in a parking lot?”  I knew we could do it, we just were going to have to be a bit creative.  Thankfully, the plans changed and we were able to meet at the Denton TWU campus and take some iconic and memorable portraits to commemorate their graduate school journey together.

Texas Women’s University Denton campus is gorgeous!  I had never been there before and now I have officially fallen in love with this campus!  There are so many fabulous places to take portraits and as a student, there are a ton of great spots to just enjoy the beautiful gardens and find a bench or patch of grass to study a spell!

Study you definitely need to do when getting your masters in Speech Language Pathology!  All these amazing graduates did just that!  Melissa was so thoughtful to bring every single one of her books to their portrait session.  They were the perfect prop to include in their grad portraits to remember their hard work and journey to get that Masters Degree!  I loved seeing how each of them were very specific on what book they wanted to feature!  I really believe this passion will serve each of them so well in their future.

I discovered their friendship began at Texas Tech University and they pursued their SLP Masters together!  What a blessing!  Calli, Reco, Rachel, & Melissa are some of the most hard working and dedicated graduates I have ever met and I know they will all be incredible blessings to their future patients.  My heartfelt prayer for them is that always remember how incredible they truly are and that their friendship will last a lifetime!  Enjoy a few of my favorite portraits from their recent session!


  1. Bella Burnworth says:

    So stunning! Congrats graduates!!!

  2. Cammy Kutter says:

    I love these pics! What a fantastic way to capture a truly unique & valuable friendship. ❤️

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