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Casual Snow Portraits emerge out of The Texas Snowstorm of 2021

I have to admit that I have been a tad envious of my friends from the North that always produce these idyllic snow portraits for their clients.  I just love them but I knew that I could never produce such images for my clients here in Texas because it never snows like that here!  Well, never say never!  We all know what just happened to our great state and while a lot of tragedy occurred, a lot of good occurred, too.  I am incredibly proud to be Texan!  My neighbors all across this great state helped each other out by the thousands with sharing wood, sharing homes, sharing food, sharing blankets, you name it, goodness was shared a plenty!  I really believe that the Texas spirit of kindness and hospitality are what make this state so wonderful.  We can always find the good in just about everything.

One of the many good moments for me was being able to get out and take some snow portraits for once in my life.  However, I did not emerge from my home until two days before the snow was completely gone!  It was so incredibly COLD during this storm, I had absolutely zero desire to get my camera out and move in the cold for portraits.  I discovered that I am a complete wimp when it comes to cold weather, period!  Give me our Texas hot summers over this any day and I will never complain!  I digress, let’s get back to the good.  My good, among many from this storm were taking snow mini portraits with my incredible senior model team!

I gave my 2021 Model team about a minute’s notice (not really but close to it) to get ready and they were so willing and ready to make it happen!  I have to share this disclaimer that I made sure all models arrived in either a 4 wheel drive driven by their dads or Moms who were from Ohio that could handle this dicey terrain! All arrived safely and I am happy to report that many beautiful casual portraits emerged!  Here are a few of my favorites from the day…




  1. scott says:

    Love these. The smiles, the fun and of course snow !
    I am a bit jealous being in Florida, never get snow

    • Deborah Aldridge says:

      Thanks, Scott! I know the feeling, we never get snow like this so this was quite the exception here in Texas!

  2. I’m so glad you got to enjoy some of that snow amidst everything else! I’m a Northerner and I hate how cold it has been here (total wimp) but I congratulate you for getting out and having a great shoot with your senior girls! So ready for Spring!

  3. Shawna says:

    I love seeing people from Texas got to get something good and fun out of that weather! Indiana here, and I barely do snow pictures because I hate the cold. Lol. You got some great images and it looks like the girls had a blast!

    • Deborah Aldridge says:

      Thanks so much, Shawna! Sounds like we are totally kindred spirits when it comes to the cold! Lol. Appreciate the sweet comments!

  4. Bella Burnworth says:

    These pictures are magical! I’m so glad we got to have a shoot so we could remember our fun time in the snow! Lot’s of love! <3

  5. Cammy says:

    This was such a blast! The snow makes for some seriously gorgeous light! These all turned out so well. Xoxo

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