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Hill Country Walk Down Memory Lane

Bart & I moved our youngest into his new dorm.  After his first year at a major university (one he loved all his life), he decided he needed to follow his dreams and passion and transferred to a college to play football.  This happened to be the same college Bart (his dad) also played football and received his undergraduate degree from.  So I suppose you could say this little “walk down memory lane” weekend get-a-way actually started at the college move-in.

Bart felt at home, John was excited for the newness and the promise of resuming a bit of normalcy during this historic year of the Pandemic, and I was a bit of a wreck after leaving him.  Because the college is wanting to be extra cautious, it seemed a bit like a ghost town and not the welcoming typical move-in day one looks forward to.  I left wondering how are those precious college kids ever going to socialize with one another?  How are they possibly going to have fun?  Well, that fixed itself in no time!  Kids are resilient and more equipped than we give them credit.  Fast forward just 2 weeks later, and our son doesn’t even want to come home for the long holiday weekend!  I am okay now!

Back to the Hill Country, we headed down early the following Saturday morning for a long extended weekend with very long-time friends that go way way back with Bart!  We stayed on their stunning property and had the absolute best time ever!

Lots and lots of reminiscing from their early days together, relaxing and floating down the Guadalupe River started our Hill Country visit.  Laughter, great food, more good friends, more touring places from the past, and journeys to new ones filled the next few days.  Every night included star gazing.  When you live in the city like we do,  you forget how beautiful and peaceful that exercise really is.  When I gaze upon the stars, I am reminded how awesome God really is and how tiny I really am.  It makes me truly thankful!

We concluded our Hill Country visit by taking the long way home, of course, and detoured in one of our newest favorite places, Blanco, Texas to see more great friends and have lunch.  I could not head back home without a piece of THE BEST coconut cream pie on the planet from Josie’s Cafe on the water.  I am forever ruined and officially will never be on a diet when I travel there.  The lady behind the counter was quite surprised when I asked for my pie first.  You know the saying, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first”!  That is my motto and I am sticking with it!  I hope you enjoy some of our favorite moments from our weekend trip!


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